Getting the Best Price

Obviously a lot of factors come in to the value of your car and can't purely be gauged on how old it is and its model. We've got specific pages on this site for you to look at what different car models go for, but the best way to check is to use the form above.

If you've treated your car well and their no damage, either cosmetic or to its inner workings, then you'll likely get the top end of the range for its make and model. If there is damage that's easy to fix then it's probably worth doing this before selling it, for instance giving the seats a good clean. This will make the car seem in much better condition to a buyer.

The milage on a car is another important factor, but unless you've used an incredibly high amount such as quarter of a million miles, then you'll find most of the value of maintained. Car buyers generally prefer the car to have less milage as the more it's been used the more likely that some component has been damaged or worn out along the way, even if you haven't noticed it yet.